Every Sunday Karaoke With Nancy
Every Tuesday Pool Tournament
Every Wednesday Karaoke With Shermanater 
Every Thursday Angie's Tea Band 
March 3 Jason Filasky And The Five - Eight Band
March 4 Bob Wright And Federal Street Band
March 5 Keri Anthony 
March 10 Bob Wright And Movin And Groovin
March 11 Keri Anthony And Petting Hendrix
March 12 The Girlfriends
March 17 The Five - Eight Band And Facedown Band
March 18 Keri Anthony And Dust And Bones
March 19 Keri Anthony
March 24 Keri Anthony And Smoked Bones
March 25 The Girlfriends And Barcode Band
March 26 The Girlfriends
March 31 Jason Filasky And Mathew Street
April 1 Over Time Band




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