Every Thrusday Love Seed Mama Jump
July 23 The Wild Ones
July 24 The Rockets
July 25 Chris Diller And The Fantastic Four
July 26 Tony Mowen And JJ Rupp
July 27 Clifford Keith And Engine#9
July 28 Shortcut Sunny
July 29 Go Go Gadjet And Rick Artz 
July 30 Love Seed Mama Jump 25th Anniversary Party And Keith Mack
July 31 The Rockets And Keith Mack
August 1 Chris Diller And The Fantastic Four
August 2 Toney Mowen And JJ Rupp
August 3 Clifford Keith And Euro Nite With Engine #9 And DJ Manny
August 4 Shortcut Sunny And Shooter Jennings And Waymores Outlaws With The Morrison Brothers $25
August 5 Split Decision And Sean Styles






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