Rusty Rudder Live Events Schedule

Most Every Thursaday's Love Seed Mama Jump
May 25 The Fantastic Four
May 28 Chasin Crazy
May 29 Mike Hines And The Look
May 30 Love Seed Mama Jump
May 31 The Rockets
June 1 The Fantastic Four
June 5 Split Decision
June 6 Lima Bean Riot
June 7 The Rockets
June 8 Fantastic Four With Rick, Ken, Joe And Marty
June 12 Go Go Gadjet
June 13 The Vigilantes
June 14 The Rockets
June 15 The Fantastic Four
June 17 Maggie Rose With The Morrison Bros. Free Concert
June 18 Jacob Powell
June 19 Go Go Gadjet
June 20 The Rockets
June 21 The Rockets
June 22 The Fantastic Four
June 24 Josh Dorr Free Concert
June 26 Split Decision With Engine #9
June 27 Tricky Dick And The Cover Ups
June 28 Striking Matches Free Concert
June 28 The Rockets
June 29 The Fantastic Four
July 3 Go Go Gadjet
July 4 Blue Label
July 5 The Rockets
July 6 The Fantastic Four
July 10 Blue Label
July 11 The Wild Ones
july 12 The Rockets
July 13 The Fantastic Four
July 17 Go Go Gadjet
July 18 Split Decision
July 19 The Rockets
July 20 The Fantastic Four
July 24 The Rockets
July 25 Blue Label
July 26 The Rockets
July 27 The Fantastic Four
July 31 Go Go Gadjet
August 1 The Rockets
August 2 The Rockets
August 3 The Fantastic Four
August 7 Split Decision And Engine #9
August 8 Tricky Dick And The Cover Ups, Gypsy Wisdom
August 9 The Rockets
August 10 The Fantastic Four
August 14 Go Go Gadjet
August 15 My Hero Zero
August 16 The Rockets
August 17 The Fabtastic Four
August 21 Split Decision
August 22 Love Seed Mama Jump
August 24 The Fantastic Four
August 25 The Rockets
August 28 Go Go Gadjet
August 29 Split Decision
August 31 The Fantastic Four
September 4 Split Decision And Engine #9
September 5 Go Go Gadjet
September 6 The Rockets
September 7 The Fantastic Four
September 11 Red Hotts
September 12 The Vigilantes
September 18 Fish Out Of Water
September 19 The Rockets
September 24 - 26 Dewey Beach Music Conference And Festival


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