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ginsberg quote homeFor many people Rehoboth Beach holds magical memories ... the ocean at sunrise, saltwater taffy and amusement rides, sunsets on the bay, ice cream on the Boardwalk, classic beach homes, romantic B&Bs...

Some like the summer - the crash of the waves, thrills at Funland, seagulls squawking, beach fries, pizza, kids with buckets of jellyfish and seashells, trashy t-shirts, souvenirs and crowds of sunburned vacationers.

For others, it's the fall, winter and spring - we call it the off-season but for some of us it's just so right on. The cool breezes of October, quiet walks through town, houses that seem so alive yet remain so empty... in November the ocean starts to sound louder - or maybe it's just because everything else gets so quiet. In December, there's the small-town Christmas cheer, followed by January and February's brutal winds and snow storms. For some of us it's the way snow sits on the beach as if it belongs there, as if it's always been there.

Quiet, desolate, inspiring snowflakes on the shore in February - that's what keeps some of us here ... the artists, the artlovers, the muses ...

REHOBOTH ARTLIFE, created by the team at, is a new site to help you enjoy and love the vibrant artistic side of Rehoboth Beach. Use it to find an opening, see a show, contact your favorite artist or map out your own gallery tour.

Get off the sand-filled path and see the people - the artists - who feed the soul of our community, and enjoy their work in the listed museums, galleries, shops and other showcases.

REHOBOTH ARTLIFE is a new addition to If you would like to appear in ArtLife or send us feedback, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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