Thursday, May 13 - Thursday, May 13
Rehoboth Museum Presents: In Their Own Words Featuring Kitty Cole

2:30pm. The Rehoboth Beach Museum will continue its online program, “In Their Own Words”. Kitty Cole will join us for a presentation of the Oral History she created for the Museum. Mrs. Cole moved to Rehoboth when she was 13 years old and except for a brief period during the war has lived here ever since.
In her oral history, Mrs. Cole talks about her life as a young teenager in the late 30s and early 40s in Rehoboth. After her marriage she and her husband spent two years in Ohio working for DuPont munitions. Upon her return she vowed never to move from Rehoboth again. Kitty was very active in the Rehoboth social and political scene. After her husband’s death Mrs. Cole spent time as a member of the Sussex County Council.
In May of 2007 the Rehoboth Beach Historical Society began an oral history project, and since that time many interviews have been conducted with long-time Rehoboth residents. These oral histories offer an interesting view of everyday life in Rehoboth Beach from the past. The interviews are transcribed and edited for viewing. This project has been made possible due to a generous donation by a historical society member and grants from the Delaware Humanities.
The Museum will air the edited video of Kitty Cole, then she will be available to answer questions you might have about her experience living in Rehoboth.
This is an online program and registration is required. Visit  to register.