Monday, July 11 - Monday, July 11
Vintage story performances at Rehoboth library

5pm, Rehoboth Beach Public Library, Rehoboth Avenue. Rehoboth Beach Public Library will host a performance of two charming vintage stories vividly portrayed by professional actress Michèle LaRue.

In “The Nice People” (1890), a charming young couple innocently brings mystery to a rustic resort. They seem nice, but are they really?

In “Miss Esther’s Guest,” the main character is invited, but nonetheless thoroughly unexpected.

“Before radio and TV, stories were part of the family’s homemade entertainment; authors expected them to be read
aloud like little plays. Modern audiences are enthralled by the simple joy of listening; they are caught up in the power of words,” said LaRue.

To learn more, go to and michelelarue. com.