Friday, October 07 - Friday, October 14
Peace Week

10/07/2022,  7 pm-9 pm. UUSD 30486 Lewes Georgetown Hwy.  'Suppressed and Sabatoged -The Fight to Vote 2022" Film includes persepctives from voters in Arizona, Florida, Texas and , Georgia that highlight how new laws will affect their consititutin right to vote. Question and Answer and discussion will follow film.

10/09/2022, 2 pm-3:30 pm.  Metta Meditation.  UUSD, 30486 Lewes Georgetown Hwy Lewes.  An Open Heart to the World Metta Meditation offered my Rev. Sue Greer, a practicing Tibetan Buddist, who has taught and guided healing practices for 30 yrs.

10/14/2022, 7 pm-9 pm.  Peace Week UUSD, 304860 Lewes Georgetown Hwy Lewes  UUSD host a forun on "Gun Violence -What We Can Do". Panelist Rev.Dr. Vicki Gordy-Stith Epworth Methodist, Traci Manza Murphy, DE Coalition Against Gun Violence.