Owners Jeremy & Jadine fell in love with Rehoboth Beach, both with the town and each other, and have returned to put down real roots within our community. The two, both from different working backgrounds, Jadine, a Marketing & website design professional, and Jeremy, with decades of experience as an entrepreneur and owner of a large family-owned pest control business, decided to take a leap of faith and return to the beach town that has had such a strong impact on their lives as it has to many others before them.


Ocean Glass Inn Front
The Ocean Glass Inn (formerly the Pirates Cove Motel), is located on Rehoboth Avenue Extended and is a short walk to Downtown Rehoboth Beach as well as local restaurants, bars, breweries and coffee shops. Just as each piece of beach glass is different, the Ocean Glass Inn features more than 20 unique rooms and suites, each with its own comfortable layout and distinctive features, as well as a completely remodeled lobby, common & breakfast area, and conference space for corporate groups. Although the frame of the original building remains, all other details have been upgraded; from the all new hardwood flooring, to new lighting fixtures, to the fresh coats of paint applied to all rooms, no detail has been overlooked, and the smallest of details have been cared for.


Jeremy & Jadine are intent on creating a home away from home for their guests, set far apart from the fast paced hustle and bustle of big cities, and have created a sanctuary in which visitors can instantly relax , while still enjoying upgraded amenities and services typically only experienced in major Hotel brands. The Ocean Glass Inn includes spaces to hold local events and activities in partnership with local businesses and organizations, in which Jeremy & Jadine are creating lasting friendships and partnerships within Rehoboth Beach. Both owners are active explorers of our beach town, and regularly enjoy the many sights, sounds and bites that Rehoboth has to offer, which they plan to share with their guests as local (new) ambassadors.

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Just as it’s name portrays, the Ocean Glass Inn invites it’s guests to relax into a comfortable, modern beach themed inn, and step away from the hard edges and fast pace of modern life. When glass enters the sea it’s edges are sharp, jagged and uninviting, but after some time tumbling and turning, it’s edges become rounded, curved and polished, revealing a beautiful piece of artwork crafted by the sea. “ You’re coming to Rehoboth for a vacation, and you’re trying to get away from the hustle and bustle of work and responsibilities. When you arrive, we want our guests to come in, take a minute to sit down, take a deep breathe and take a load off. Our goal is for our guests to feel refreshed, bright, and wonderful after staying with us”, says Jadine.


Many times we forget that on vacation it is not about doing the most touristy things or seeing all that there is to see. It is about meeting new people, and experiencing your new surroundings at your own pace, in order to leave relaxed, rejuvenated, and polished with fond memories of new experiences.


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