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Send us a message about what Rehoboth Beach means to you, and the experiences that have made a positive lasting impression on you and others when visiting Rehoboth Beach. We will select a number of submissions and publish them here to share why Rehoboth Beach is such a special place to visit. 

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"My Rehoboth Beach experience begins when I was very young and my first memories of Rehoboth Beach are of walking along the boardwalk with my family, enjoying the rides and games at Funland, riding the Jolly Trolley, and eating a delicious chocolate ice cream cone. Life was slower then, but those experiences, and the enjoyment I had, and still have in Rehoboth Beach have created such a strong impression on my life that I can’t imagine living anywhere else!"


"My mom and dad honeymooned in Rehoboth in 1946. We came here for vacation since early 50's. My family loved it so much, we moved her in 1989 from PA. Haven't looked back. It's been a dream. Many, many memories and am just amazed and bewildered by the changes. Ate first grotto pizza in 1960, served by Dominick.? Still my all time favorite pizza."
- Bruce E.


"My Rehoboth beach experience spans back the past thirty years, ever since I was a little girl.
I grew up traveling yearly with my family from Ohio.  I remember riding the rides at Funland and walking down the boardwalk to Dolley’s just like it was yesterday. Now, as an adult, I still come back every year with not only my husband and our four young children; but also my parents and adult siblings.
Dave and Skippy’s, Grottos, Funland, and Jungle Jim’s are just a few of our stops every time we are in town. I love the memories we are creating with our family and I can’t wait for many more."


"It was the summer of 54 when a little nine year old boy from a small coal mining town in central Pennsylvania ( Shamokin ) was invited for a two week stay by his uncle Bill to Rehoboth Beach. What is remarkable is I had never been more than thirty miles from home. We stayed at the Lord Baltimore on Baltimore Avenue. There were only a few houses on the street, no Atlantic Sands or Epworth church. My first impression was that I had never seen such a beautiful place. I noticed the beautiful beach and ocean that I had only read about. I played each day in the sand and water from early morning to nightfall. I even caught a small brown shark. That stay inspired me to want to see all of America, which I have. Thank you uncle Bill and Rehoboth Beach. I returned to live one mile from ocean. Rehoboth Beach changed my life!"
- Knarf S.

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