Thursday, October 01 - Wednesday, October 21
Beyond Words A Retrospective by Michael Krausz

Tubbs Gallery  Opening reception: Friday, November 13, 2020 (5-7pm).

Artist Statement "This retrospective exhibition rehearses the numerous phases of Michal Krausz’s fifty years as an abstract artist. The artworks range in size from 20×15 inches to 60×40 inches."

About his art, Krausz says: “I’m interested in showing the limits of language in relation to the unsayable—that is, the space between lines, beyond words. To that end my works often display a kind of automatic writing, using invented ciphers of no literal significance. They display various spatial planes at once. They display the emergence and dissolution of ciphers in infinite spaces. Having visited India on numerous occasions I have been influenced by South-Asian iconography and philosophy.