Beautiful beaches, a family-friendly atmosphere and all the cultural stylings of a city (wrapped within a small town atmosphere that’ll make you want to stay here forever) – Rehoboth Beach has it all.

Hosting beach goers from across the nation (and quite a few from outside of it!) for generations, Rehoboth has long been of the East Coast's family vacation hotbeds. The town's convenient location, laid-back approach and rich offerings have made it a favorite for all those wishing to spend a few days, weeks or months relaxing on the beach each summer season.

Stay here! (Warning: You may not want to leave)

The town's broad accommodations offer visitors an extensive array of room and board options during their stay. Acclaimed hotels overlooking the soft sands, out of the way luxury spots for a romantic stay, quiet bed and breakfasts, weekly vacation rentals - they're all available, and they all offer premium access to the town's many, many amenities.

Tasty eats that'll satisfy any palate

Part of what makes Rehoboth's little corner of the world unique is the lifestyles that it blends seamlessly together - it's both a beach town and a cultural hot spot.

Go to one side of the street and you can score a bucket of mouth watering beach fries... head to the other and you'll find a bevy of renowned and diverse restaurants that'll serve you some of the finest food that you'll find on the beach. From sizzling steaks to sushi to specialty offerings, the Rehoboth restaurant scene offers all a hungry vacationer could ask for.

Fun for all ages and sizes

Hey, it's no beach vacation until you can have some fun, fun, fun, right? Luckily for you, Rehoboth offers plenty of opportunities to do just that.

First and foremost are the miles upon miles of absolutely gorgeous beaches in town - beaches that were recently ranked among the cleanest in the country. Rehoboth offers its guests long stretches of warm, soft sand along the Atlantic Ocean - relax all day in the sun or take a cool dip if it suits you! With beautiful scenery, ample space and trained lifeguards on staff, Rehoboth can offer you one of the safest and most enjoyable beach experiences on the East Coast.

Snuggled up along most of the town's beachfront is the Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk - where you can add a little excitement to your beach vacation by grabbing some excellent local treats or letting the kids blow off some steam in one of the beach arcades. Shops are sprinkled throughout the boardwalk and the surrounding streets and offer everything from beach wear and sunscreen to homemade crafts, collectibles and more - and all offer Delaware's tax free shopping! Step away from the beach for awhile and you can also find golf courses, local parks and endless family activities that are perfect if you'd like a day away from the water.

You'll also find plenty to do both in and out of town if you're looking to have a little fun on the nightlife scene. Local restaurants and bars regularly host well known musical acts, while the nearby Movies at Midway gives you a chance to catch that flick that you've been too busy to see. Seasonal events are also a Rehoboth standard - be sure to check out the town's calendar and see what's coming up next!

Why aren't you here yet?

With its family-friendly atmosphere, renowned beaches and countless restaurants, shops and things to do, Rehoboth remains one of the most popular beach vacation towns on the Eastern beach. When you're ready to join us, we'll be waiting. Need directions? We've got that covered, too.

We'll see you on the beach!